Distinguished EXCO Members, CEOs of Insurance Companies, members of the Secretariat, Fellow Members, Ladies & Gentlemen.

We are delighted to welcome you to our 19th Annual General Meeting of The National Insurance Claims Society for the term 2017/18. The last EXCO meeting was held on the 23 January 2018 ending the 2017/18 term.

It has been a remarkable and stimulating 2017/18 term. Before we usher in the new term of 2018/19, let’s flash back some events and programs that NICS had offered and organized for the members throughout the outgoing term.

2017/18 remarked the 19th anniversary of this Society. As at 31 December 2017, the Society’s membership consists of 24 member companies which comprises of namely;
  • 12 general insurers,
  • 3 life insurers,
  • 2 composite insurers,
  • 4 takaful operators; and
  • 3 reinsurance companies.
The Society will continue its efforts to promote and welcome more Members from the industry. It will also provide networking opportunities for wider knowledge-sharing and could also accelerate information exchange within the insurance and takaful fraternity among claim managers nationwide.

EXCO is the driving force of the Society involving the volunteers from claims professionals who are nominated by the Member companies.

The Society’s functions are mainly focused with three (3) main Sub-Committees for the term which comprises of EXCO Members, namely;
  • Education & Training, Headed by Pn Azura Toop from Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Bhd
  • Networking, Headed by Ms Wendy Wong from Malaysia Life Reinsurance Bhd
  • Best Practices, Headed by Mr Philip Chin from Great Eastern General Insurance Bhd
Applause to all the named Sub-committees for their time, commitment and dedication. Especially for being the back bones of various NICS activities and programs throughout the expiring terms.

NICS had persistently continued it’s long-standing commitment to professional excellence with workshops, trainings, seminars, best practice forums, and networking tailored to the needs of its members ie. life, general Insurers and Reinsurers as well as Takaful operators nationwide.

To this effect, our Education & Training Sub-Committee has been very active, effective and eventually delivered a meaningful range of related topics for the benefit of the Society and it’s members such as;
  • Understanding Marine Policy, Coverage & Clauses
  • Marine Claims Handling
  • Guidelines & Assessment of Bodily Injury Claim and Arbitration
  • Fraud Detection & Investigation for Non-Investigator
  • How ISM can help combat fraud through compilation of Data
  • PA & Medical Claim Investigation
  • Underwriting & Claims which consists of Consequential Loss / Business Interruption
  • Update on the Latest Development & Practices related to Liability Risk & Malaysian Insurance Case Law in General
These educational workshops are provided to keep on the relevant claims management and remained connected with various professionals, Lawyers, Adjusters, Consultants, Doctors, Forensic Scientist who had featured as speakers.

Our members awareness and well-educated claim professionals will be able to represent their industry’s interests at best and serve the participants of the Insurance industry in the most educated, efficient and cost effective-manner. In short, we encourage and move to promote our Member’s professionalism in the claim industry generally and claims profession specifically.

A special applause to the Education & Training Sub-Committee for coordinating and making these events successful.
Besides offering specialized education and trainings for our Members, the Society’s strategy was to develop working relationships and business rapport with individuals, authorities or any party of relevance for the Insurance industry.

We had achieved this by arranging Networking cum Educational visitation to:
  • IGene – Digital Autopsy
    A company through its initiative and collaboration with Silicon Graphics Inc in USA, has designed and developed the world’s first forensic medicine-specific, end-to-end software solutions that conduct virtual post-mortems; named Digital Autopsy.

    Participants gained a thorough understanding of "Digital Autopsy”, which consists of a three-dimensional scan of the body using a CT scanner, visual software to enable the pathologist to conduct a full, non-invasive digital post mortem with the results being available shortly after.

  • Institute Jantung Negara
    IJN is one of the leading Cardiovascular and Thoracic Health Center in the region. The visitation to IJN gave an insight of the specialized facilities and services offered as well as tour to their Wellness Centre, IJN Private Clinics and Wards.

  • Puspakom
    This visitation enabled our Participants to gain better understanding with regards to their inspection of Vehicle Chassis (IAVC) as the Insurance fraternity is closely linked to investigation related to Theft, OD, Fire and other losses. It also serves to have a good overview of services available by the Experts and platform to build rapport with the Authority.

    A special appreciation to the Networking Sub-Committee for organizing these beneficial visits.
We are able to pool claims professionals via the Claims Managers Meet on quarterly basis in sharing and gaining on expertise and experiences for the betterment of the industry in various areas of concern.

The Claims Managers Meet was also initiated to target on rapport building among claims Managers of Member Companies in order to promote friendship by organizing the following talks:
  • Background & Functions of MIB
  • Future of Claims Handling in Malaysia by iBanding
  • Background & Functions of OFS
  • Drone – The Future of Claims Assessment & Risk Management
  • Digitalization
I would like to take this opportunity to extend our utmost appreciation to Great Eastern General Insurance for accommodating their meeting venues for the Claims Managers Meet.

As part of this branding exercise, NICS has presented souvenirs to participants attending all NICS initiatives.
In short, it is indeed a very eventful year for NICS as we had interesting events lined up every month and in some months, we even have conducted 2 events.

I am glad to mention that about 450 participants have attended the overall NICS initiatives throughout this term. Our appreciation goes to all continuously supporting the Society.

Further, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the EXCO Members who has done an excellent job in delivering the activities for this expiring term.
I wish them well in their future undertakings for without them the society would not be what it is today. Our appreciation also always goes to YBhg Dato’ N K Jasani, Ms Nancy and Ms Neethya from the Secretariat who has relentlessly pursued the Society’s objectives together with us.
Thank you, Ladies & Gentlemen for your precious time and kind attention.

Gurdev Kaur

28th March 2018