National Insurance Claims Society (NICS)

The National Insurance Claims Society or NICS, was formally launched on 15 December 1998 by the honorable President of NIAM, Y.M. Tunku Ya’acob Bin Tunku Abdullah.

NICS was formed out of the need to develop practical improvements for streamlining the claims process in a way that would benefit member companies. Thus, the Society was formed to look into the claims service and claims staff recognition issues.

The advent of information technology and globalization has made the claims handling a challenging task, with the acceleration of claims cost, vehicle theft, litigation and fraud management. Moreover, with the expanded platform and continuous action, NICS as the sole Society for the claims personnel of the insurance industry of Malaysia pledge that the professionalism and competence will be augmented by pooling the industry’s experience towards facing the challenges in the claims operations.

1) Education & Training

The Society undertakes education and training for Claims Practitioners to improve their skills and knowledge in conjunction with like minded individuals and organisations.

2) Best Practices

The Society facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices for the development of claims handling in the insurance and takaful industry.

3) Networking

The Society serves as a platform for Claims Practitioners in the Malaysian Insurance and Takaful industry to meet network.

4) Anti-Fraud

The Society pays special attention to Anti-Fraud initiatives related to Claims Handling and endeavors to develop and contribute to combating fraud in the industry.

5) Special Project

The Society undertakes studies and discussions on matters relating to Claims handling including new products, practices and insurance and takaful industry developments.